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Jacquie Hood Martin host of BlogTalk Radio's Live with Lady Martin interviews Paris Love, professional organizer speaks candidly from her new book and how to live life clutter free.

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October 2014 Book Cover magazine Author Spotlight

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Third Place Winner of the 2014 The Author's Zone TAZ Award

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"How is it that Paris Love's books aren't receiving the attention that other books in the same genre get? They are well written and they draw you in like nothing else, making you feel thoroughly connected to the characters, all created with pure class! This book is no exception; we have already become "family" with these characters and we are now taken on a thrilling journey with them, feeling the need for more once all is said and done! Brilliant work from a gifted and talented author!"

-Trish L

“I am a big fan of books that entertain, inspire, and remind us at the same time of how it was, and how it is. If the author's aim was to make readers comfortable even when writing frankly, she succeeds. For example, it's easier said than done to illustrate an intimate scene between lovers on any page without eliminating your younger readers; engagement, after all, can be very tricky to convey. But Paris Love nails it each time.”

- Fran Briggs

“This author has a great way of drawing you into the trials and tribulations of her characters with grace and humor. It's a wonderful story about how friends can have completely different outlooks yet still reach where they want to be in life despite obstacles. Very entertaining story about friendship, love, and what happens along the way. Thank you and hope there's a sequel”

- Debra Gilroy

“Growing Pains will take you back to those years when you first fell in love--the excitement, the uncertainty; the joys...The characters are real and the situations honest. Each chapter is from the point of view of the different characters which I find gives you more insight into feelings. I like that. This is a fun book to read, and you truly want to find out what happens in the lives of the people you have come to know. A fun read!”

- Diana Fletcher

"I started reading the book and can't put it down. OMG, I love the ending. Life always has challenges but it truly is what we make of it. Really good book."

- Simone Davis

"A friend loaned me this book for my Kindle. I've had the opportunity to meet the author and was hoping that I'd find some of that "Wanda Sykes" style deadpan humor of hers in her writing and I was not disappointed. This book is definitely good for a few laughs. But it's really a serious story about friends finding themselves and loving each other through good times and sad. What would we do without our friends, right? The main characters really care about each other and that makes you care about them. There were times when I wanted to scream (kind of like when you're watching a horror movie), "Run away! Get out of there! You're going to get hurt!" But thankfully, the characters figured out how to save themselves. Reading this book took me back to my youth and though I would not want to live that period of over unless I could DO it over, I really enjoyed it. Kudos to the author on her first novel."

- Donna Smallin Kuper

"I couldn't put this book down! Growing pains was about best friends sticking together through good and bad times. Being there during the happy times, the break-ups and struggles, but always supportive of each other, even miles apart. Each character reminded me of a friend or of myself; seeking and finding love in all the wrong places, combating peer pressure but never relinquishing the dream of love, wealth, happiness and long-lasting friendship. It was suspenseful, funny, sad, joyous - it was an emotional roller coaster as I flipped through each page, but well worth the journey. I am eager to read the next installment and to find out what's in store for Kiki, Myra and Darren. Well done Paris Love, well done!"

- SD

"Well... I can not say much since this is our June 2012 book of the month But, I will say I live in Chicago and was teenage in the early 80's. My first thoughtt was not to read this book because I thought is was going to talks about stupid young people mistakes. I must say it brought back many memories I laughter and I cried. Kudos.... to author I am passing this book on to nieces to read so they will know that nothing have changed but the time, the games are still the same and to let them know that we all fall down but we get up. Many thanks to author for reminding me that God is not finish with me yet and that we can forgive and love again..."

- Sharon Hall

"Aaannnnd the drama, desire, love, lust, and lies continue. There's always more than meets the eye. This sequel offers just as much entertainment as the first book. The characters are at again, but this time...... well you'll have to read it to find out."

- Juanita E Aruldoss

"I loved this book, could only set it down for a second. A friend let me borrow it and once I get my Kindle I will download the book. The story was so realistic and made you feel like you were actually there."

- Nikki Hughen

"Growing Pains is a well written book that brought back so many memories of my High School days in Chicago. I couldn't put this book down! I found myself at work sitting at my desk with my iPad n my lap & head down reading. Very positive characters & the author tells the story of friendships & love that remain "authentic" throughout adversities. I highly recommend this book & anything this author does because she's such a motivator in real life & on paper. Purchase Growing Pains today you won't be disappointed, it's a page turner."

- Kimberly

"I couldn't put the book down. I started reading and the next thing I knew I was at the end. Hasn't almost every one been in one of the situations in this book? Kiki sure does have a dilemma on her hands. Wonder how she handles it? What will Darren do when he finds out? He is going to find out. Jeff is not going to able to control his emotions and stay out of the picture. I'm glad Myra and Marlon are going strong and now with a baby, I hope they continue on a smooth path and perhaps help Kiki when the 'stuff' hits the fan. Portia, Myra's daughter finally sees that she does not need the knuckle heads she's been seeing. I hope she and her father { reunited after 20 some odd years} continue with a good father daughter relationship. And what about her half siblings, will they continue to accept her and not feel that she is taking up all of her fathers time. Man this book was GOOD."

- VP Wright

"Even though I hadn't read the first installment of this book, I found it easy to jump right in to the characters' lives. Kiki's voice is refreshingly honest and entertaining; readers will root for and empathize with her. The characters in Love's book deal with complicated, humorous, and steamy exploits, and there is even a surprising twist at the end."

- Candice M Tucker

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