The literary world welcomes the arrival of an entertaining, innovative fresh read. Growing Pains (iUniverse, 2012) by Paris Love is about best friends who grow up together in search of the desires every heart has: loyalty, respect, companionship, and most of all, love.

The main character in the book is Kiki, a naïve but driven young lady. Kiki's best friend, Myra, has planned her entire life right down to the wedding ceremony, however, her most pressing challenge is finding 'Mr. Right' - or avoiding 'Mr. Wrong.'

Kiki falls head over heels in love with her childhood crush, Darren. He is good-looking, confident, and intelligent. But all is not as it appears. Darren has a weakness for women and little sense for loyalty. As the story line progresses, it appears that he is finally motivated to change, but is it too late?

Third Place Winner of the 2014 The Author's Zone TAZ Award